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So much of life involves wading through the layers, peeling off inhibitions and social conventions. At The Goa Project, the outer layers are already by the wayside. The dreamers, thinkers, movers, shakers, experimenters and ideators come together to share and learn and above all, have fun in each other’s company.

The Goa Project provides a unique opportunity to interact with like-minded folk across a diverse range of interests and backgrounds. You’ll have deep and meaningful conversations, find your ideas validated or expanded on, and leave feeling energized and enervated from the experience.

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    The Goa Project is, first and foremost, about the incredible diversity of interesting people you’ll meet there. In order to ensure the best possible experience for all participants, we carefully curate the attendees. The primary means we use to do this is the form you’re about to see – please fill it with care!


    This year we will choose top 5 projects, who will showcase and pitch their ideas to the TGP audience. And the audience will then offer funds at the event, REAL TIME!! We have partnered with India’s most successful crowdfunding platform, Wishberry, to manage fund collection.


    If you have a topic, skill or insight that you believe is worth conducting a debate/ discussion/ talk/ workshop on, go on and use the Funnel to nominate a session for it. We will call for votes and use the opinion of our event participants as a key factor to decide which sessions make it into the final agenda.