NowFloats – an online tech company


NowFloats believe that technology, or rather the lack thereof, shouldn’t get in the way of businesses being able to use the internet to grow their bottom line.

So not only do they give small and medium businesses a beautiful, world-class website that they can update with utter ease using nothing more than regular SMS, but their patent pending technology ensures that these messages are found too on popular search engines.

Moreover, customers also get an SMS channel to stay connected to their consumers.

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Lightbox – A Venture Capital firm


Lightbox is a VC firm of techies and entrepreneurs, based in India and the US, who want to get deeply involved with the startups they invest in. Unlike many other VCs who like to spread their investments around, keeping in mind the high failure rate of startups, Lightbox wants to be super picky and invest in very few companies.

After launching last year, it backed six startups from its first fund, then raised a second fund of nearly US$100 million three months ago.

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