Reminiscence of folks who attended #TGP2015

We share with you the experience of folks who attended The Goa Project 2015 and went back and wrote blog entries. If you have written one on the TGP experience, do send us your link too, so we can archive it here!

Amith Prabhu shares his experience:

Three things I liked at the The Goa Project, which I feel are reasons enough to attend such unconferences in the future. People from different walks of life who are complete strangers attend. I did not know a single person but at the end of two days I had made friends with nearly a dozen interesting individuals including an art therapist, a make-up artist, an in-film placement expert, a design thinker, an econometrician, a bespoke designer, a theatre actor, a linguist, a podcaster and a spa owner among others. Can there be a wider variety? The unconference meant anyone could apply to be a speaker and share a point of view. So one could attend sessions as diverse as women-centric cinema, fund raising in the arts, the power to change habits and stress management among others. Most importantly the sea-side ambience provided a relaxed setting for learning with fun.

Expect the Unexpected says ZeroGravity:

Meeting diverse group of people helps simulate the thinking beyond our limited scope and sometimes set routine. Source of an ideas could be the most unexpected space when we give up inhibitions, allow our subconscious to go beyond. Trigger could be a most unorthodox source. Designers, Artists, Start Ups, Creators, Does — thinks and entrepreneurs are such people who always excel on their own way.A chance to listen to them was “The Goa Project”.

Shena documents doing a DO:

Many thanks to Padma Damodaran who remembered the Doggie Dos we did and invited one to The Goa Project. It’s been a while, but doing a Do is always fun, and this time was no different.


Siddharth Manoharan


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