The Goa Project Sponsors 2016

We are happy to have these sponsors on board and want to introduce them to you. Thank you for supporting us!

Wishberry is a crowdfunding platform. They aim to bring great ideas to life and build a community of believers who back ideas, thus putting India on the creative map of the world. Wishberry accepts projects which are creative and out of the box, across 13 main genres including Arts & Crafts, Films, Food etc. Following an All or Nothing model, Wishberry makes money only when the campaign meets its goal! A dynamic team with mostly women, Wishberry is one of the most successful crowdfunding platforms in India. Check out their website and start backing great projects:

LetsVenture started off with a simple vision of making fundraising easy for Indian startups. It has now grown into a power packed platform which connects Startups with global Angels, VCs and Startup Programs. Apart from bringing together startups and investors, LetsVenture’s expert team also reviews the business plans of startups and connects them to mentors. Their Commitment-to-Closure package takes care of closure of term sheet & shareholders agreement, and complete legal & financial due diligence. With an exciting team of dreamers, doers and believers, LetsVenture has set out to shake things up in the Indian startup ecosystem. Check out their website here:




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