TGP Residency Eligibility Criteria


Your venture or initiative should meet all the following criteria to be selected for the TGP Residency:

  • The venture already has a product, service or other offering available in the market
  • The project already has a viable user base
  • The project or venture must be further along in the process than prototyping. At least a successful pilot is necessary.
  • The project must need input from another discipline. (See the example provided in the Who is the residency for? section)
  • You are not building an untested product, service, experience (all referred to as offerings). Your project needs expertise from another discipline to do at least one of the following:

If the expertise you require is mainly general business expertise that every venture needs, such as marketing, fundraising, business plan development, or financial or HR management, this would not be the appropriate forum for your venture.

If you are building an untested product, service, experience (all referred to as offerings), this is not the appropriate forum for you.

Ventures in the creative and social spaces are especially encouraged to apply.

In addition, we urge, we encourage, and we invite, our friends with disabilities, their family members, philosophers, mentors, guides, advisors to come and apply for the TGP Residency programme. We are making a special shout out to thinkers, dreamers, and doers who are persons with disabilities and/or are creating a product/ service in the area of helping persons with disabilities. This residency is here to stand by your side, apply now and discover peers that support your dreams.

DISCIPLINES (or as we like to call it, ‘TRACKS’)

Your project should fit into at least one of the following tracks:

Design & Visual Arts
This sub-sector comprises design and art schools, design consultancies, museums, art galleries, designers, artists and art managers working in the field of design and visual arts

Interactive Media & Cinema   
This sub-sector includes film and digital content production, distribution and exhibition.

Fringe & Geekery
Whatever doesn’t fit in any of the above — the obscure, the geek, the blaring bold — finds a home in this track.

Performing Arts
Theatre, dance, music, musicals, stand-up comedy and spoken word all fall into this category.

Projects, businesses and ideas that  tackle social problems head on and improve lives. Sectors could include anything from education to environment.

With this Residency, we plan to fully realize the USP of The Goa Project: adding tangible value to interdisciplinary initiatives to help them be implemented. We hope that doing so will encourage others to engage with other fields and innovate across silos.

  • Before the residency, some availability to interact with the TGP team to fully share the details of your project and challenge, so we can select an appropriate mentor and collaborators.
  • Presenting your project and how the residency helped to enhance it at The Goa Project, which will happen right after the residency ends. (TGP participation is included in the residency.)
  • Post the residency, a monthly check in with your TGP Residency point person for the next 6 months to a year, to provide updates on how your initiative is doing. Once in, we’re invested in you and your growth!

Applications open: July 30, 2018

Application deadline: Midnight IST, August 25, 2018

Participants announced: September 9, 2018

The Goa Project Residency: October 19-25, 2018

The Goa Project unconference: October 26-27, 2018


This year, we are piloting The Goa Project in an alternative location: Mumbai. The irony is not lost on us, but there is a logic behind this move. Every alternate year, we will be shifting the Goa Project venue to improve accessibility for attendees from different parts of the country. But don’t worry, we aim to bring Goa to you each year wherever we might be. Stay tuned!


Some of the answers to your questions may be in the FAQs. If you don’t find the answers there, email us at The Goa Project is an entirely volunteer managed enterprise, so while your emails will definitely be answered, you may not get an immediate response. We appreciate your understanding.

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