About TGP and my interest
  1. What is TGP?

    The Goa Project is an annual “unconference” that brings together a diverse set of people from various fields to converse, collaborate and co-create. Attendees learn, share, and exchange ideas in a range of different formats. The Goa Project offers a lively and uninhibited space for those who want to think, dream, interact and explore possibilities. The entire agenda is crowdsourced, leading to two exciting days of talks, workshops, presentations, pitches and discussions. TGP is run completely by volunteers who are passionate about cross-sector learning, collaboration and ideas.

    Since its inception in 2013, the unconference has been held in Goa. But starting this year, TGP will leave Goa’s sandy beaches every alternate year, and land in another part of India. The goal is to be more accessible to people from all over the country.

  2. How can I participate in TGP?

    You can register to attend TGP 2018 as a delegate by filling up this application form . All applications will be put through a screening process to determine the final set of attendees. We will be informing you within 3-5 working days whether you’re selected or not.  We will also send selected applicants a link to the ticket portal where you can buy your pass to the Unconference.

  3. What can I get out of participating out of TGP?

    TGP is built on a foundation of open participation, which allows you to get exposed to a very diverse set of topics, ideas, and people. You could find people who can help bring your personal projects to life. You could also build relationships that could lead to some very interesting collaborations. A great example is Menstrupedia whose founders all met each other at TGP.  This confluence of diverse energies, skill sets, and mentalities that happens at TGP often ends up sparking completely new and transformative projects and ideas.

  1. What happens at TGP?

    Following the ‘Unconference’ model, all the topics at TGP are crowdsourced and voted for by the community. Attendees who have a topic, skill or insight that they want to share or believe is worth conducting a debate, discussion, talk, or workshop on, can nominate it on what we call ‘the Funnel’. We then call for votes from our event participants and our Programme team uses that as a key factor to decide which sessions make it into the final agenda.

  2. What is the Funnel?

    A salient feature of TGP, the Funnel is an online portal where an attendee can propose topics they would either like to present or hear at the unconference. The funnel also allows attendees to vote on existing topics, essentially voting the event schedule into place.

  3. What are the various tracks?

    Design & Visual Arts
    This sub-sector comprises design and art schools, design consultancies, museums, art galleries, designers, artists and art managers working in the field of design and visual arts

    Interactive Media & Cinema
    This sub-sector includes film and digital content production, distribution and exhibition.

    Fringe & Geekery
    Whatever doesn’t fit in any of the above — the obscure, the geek, the blaring bold — finds a home in this track.

    Performing Arts
    Theatre, dance, music, musicals, stand-up comedy and spoken word all fall into this category.

    Projects, businesses and ideas that  tackle social problems head on and improve lives. Sectors could include anything from education to environment.

    Like the name suggests this track accommodates workshops

  4. What kind of topics are usually discussed?

    Schedule 2017 - http://www.thegoaproject.com/2017/schedule.pdf

    With a diverse crowd comes an array of diverse content, and it would be difficult to summarise it all in one single answer. Follow this link to see the previous years schedule. It should give you a fair idea of what actually transpires at TGP 🙂

  5. How do I move between tracks?

    The space is usually broken down into smaller enclaves that will host a series of talks and presentations, what we call ‘sessions’. The schedule is posted in an easily accessible spot where anybody can reference it.

  6. Do I have to present at TGP?

    Attendees must be prepared to be active participants at the unconference. The schedule will be voted into existence on the first day of the unconference (26th October) from the proposal submitted on the funnel.

  1. What do I pay for/ what is covered?

    TGP provides registration options for early bird and regular categories.

    Early bird: INR 4500 - till 25 September 2018

    Full participants: INR 6500

  2. What does TGP take care of?

    Two days of The Goa Project 2018 in its awesome entirety (Sessions, Workshops, networking & random philosophical discussions) and lunch on the 27th and dinner on the 26th and 27th.

  1. How do I travel there?

    We have a big TGP Community portal comprising attendees of all  past editions, to which you are added once you are selected to attend TGP. You will have to make your own travel arrangements. However, our attendees usually make plans with other prospective attendees on this portal to travel together.

  2. What about accommodation?

    No. We don’t provide accommodation. Participants have to manage on their own. Though the hospitality team will be happy to provide you with list of options nearby. Contact

  1. Can I bring my partner?

    Everyone has to individually apply to attend TGP.  +1s cannot be accommodated under any circumstances. Our volunteers work very meticulously to ensure a diverse, yet balanced crowd and we will not be able to allow people who haven’t been selected through our application process to attend the Unconference.

  2. Can I come with a group?

    See previous answer 😀

  3. What about children?

    Feel free to bring along your kids (below the age of 12), but just keep in mind we’ll hold you accountable for any unruly behaviour 😀

  4. Are there any exemptions for people with disabilities?

    Diversity and inclusiveness are the biggest themes at TGP this year. If you have a disability, you as well as any caretakers that you need to bring along, can purchase the tickets at half price.

  1. How can I volunteer?

    TGP is a volunteer-run initiative and it takes an army of dedicated volunteers to make this unconference happen. Each year, we invite applications for volunteers in roles such as marketing, communications, programme management, logistics, production etc. For 2018, we have already filled our volunteer positions. Nonetheless, you can express you interest to be volunteer for our next edition by writing to volunteer@thegoaproject.com

  2. What does a volunteer get?

    A lot of love and a community to lean on to. Well that, and a delegate pass to TGP 2018. Since this is a voluntary position, we are not able to offer a payment, but we ensure that all our volunteers’ accommodation and meals for the duration of the conference are taken care of.

  3. Is there a cancellation/refund policy for the purchased pass?

    We don’t have any cancellation/refund policy for the purchased pass.

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