TGP Residency FAQs

This year, The Goa Project is launching a week-long residency programme to help advance interdisciplinary projects and ventures through a collaborative learning experience with people from different fields.
  • Why a Residency?

    In the five years since TGP started, we’ve consistently seen and heard how TGP enabled many people to connect across fields. Such relationships have helped people learn, co-create, and innovate. Starting from interesting conversations through project-based collaborations and right up to finding jobs, funding and partnering on business ventures, TGP-enabled connections have created lasting value.

    With the residency, we want to formalise such serendipitous associations through a deliberately thought-out structure and see these associations turn to tangible cross-discipline ventures. This will help us achieve The Goa Project’s vision to strengthen the recognition of “diverse perspectives and disciplines in problem solving, and enhance innovation in Indian society.”

  • Who is the residency for?

    This residency is for thinkers, doers and makers who have an existing venture that requires expertise from another discipline to advance or diversify. There are three open spots. To be selected, your initiative should be beyond the stage of ideation or prototyping, and you should have a pretty good idea of the cross-field wisdom you would like to tap into.

    Here’s an example to help illustrate the kind of people and projects the residency is meant for: The founders of an augmented reality app had a fantastic idea, built their app, and launched it, all with quite a bit of success. They did this by picking up skills along their journey and going with what worked. After a while, however, they felt that to keep and grow their customer base, they needed to make the app more user friendly and realized they did not know how to do this. At this point, they found--through their connections at TGP!--exactly the UI/UX designers they needed. Numbers were exchanged, a fruitful collaboration occured, and now their app is doing better than ever before!

    Sounds like a fairytale  made in TGP heaven, doesn’t it? Agreed. Don’t worry, your venture does not have to be a success or even a business for you to apply. It does, however, have to be further along than an idea, and must have been tested with your target audience. Taking the fairytale analogy further, mentors at the residency won’t be turning a pumpkin into Cinderella’s carriage. Bring us a working carriage or an almost finished one and we’ll get you work on the axle or frame. And we promise it won’t all turn back to a pumpkins at midnight!

    Check out the Eligibility Criteria below for more specifications. If you fit the bill, we’d love to hear from you!

  • What will happen at the Residency?

    One thing we can promise: it’ll be a packed week! Our suggestion: be like a sponge to absorb all the learning. If selected, we recommend you completely clear your calendar for that week.

    Under the guidance of a mentor who brings a deep understanding of the relevant industry or problem, you will work very closely with two additional collaborators who have the cross-disciplinary expertise that your project needs. Mentor matching is completely customised to match the requirements of your project. The programme will include sessions from guest lecturers and trainers.

    You will also have opportunities to learn with and from your two fellow participants selected for the residency, who are likely to be experiencing similar challenges in their journey. Some common sessions will include the business aspects of taking a venture or well-formulated concept to market. For example, such sessions might include topics like strategic planning, fundraising, and marketing.

    The aim of the residency is that you incorporate critical cross-disciplinary expertise and formulate an implementation plan to take your venture forward. At the end of the residency, you will present your venture at TGP and share how the residency has helped advance it.

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