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Akanksha Seth
Akanksha Seth Communications Strategy Biography Akanksha is a writer and content specialist who loves to work on the crossroads of storytelling, media and creative expression. She is passionate about working with other creators to explore and push the boundaries of creative content. This has led her to various roles over the last 6 years planning...
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Udhay Shankar N
Udhay Shankar N Biography Udhay's primary passion is collecting interesting people, and putting them together in interesting ways. He pursues this passion tirelessly – as an investor, consultant, and emerging markets product expert; and also as the main man behind the vaunted SilkList, one of the oldest surviving internet mailing lists – and one of...
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Charanya Chidambaram
Charanya Chidambaram Marketing Strategy Biography Charanya is passionate about instilling social consciousness and is excited to work with people who make the world move! Her decade long experience in the communication sector across organisations and industries has given her insight into global marketing, ‘listening’ to stakeholders and using that feedback as building blocks for impactful...
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Rashmi Dhanwani
Rashmi Dhanwani Biography Rashmi Dhanwani is an independent arts consultant, curator and creative producer, with over a decade in the arts cultural and creative industries in India and the UK. Her passion for creating access to arts and culture led her to start the Art X Company. An interdisciplinary arts organisation, Art X enables access...
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Sumeet Anand
Sumeet Anand Biography A technology entrepreneur in the space of collaboration & productivity, working to bring a change in how we manage work & leverage knowledge in ecosystems. A serial volunteer who helps us put the entire show of TGP together.
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Priyanka Ahuja
Priyanka Ahuja Biography Priyanka Ahuja, is a MarComm professional. She has worked as a reporter and journalist in leading media houses like TV Today network, Star News and Times of India. In her quest to learn deep nuances of digital marketing she started working for a specially curated and designed fellowship for entrepreneurs that led...
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