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What We Do

The Goa Project Sessions is the current avatar of The Goa Project.

TGP Sessions bring together interesting minds, and the ideas that fuel them, once every four weeks.

TGP Sessions Tracks

TGP unconferences have traditionally had events slotted into several tracks, which are loose categories. The specific tracks have evolved over time — and may evolve further — and these are the ones we are following for now.

  • The Arts. Performing Arts (Theatre, Music, Dance, Spoken Word), Visual Arts (including Sculpture, Installations, Mixed Media, Design from the art perspective), Literature.

  • Society: Includes Access and Inclusion, Social Entrepreneurship, Environment, Development, like the topics under the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Basically, things aimed primarily at a better world.

  • Science, Technology. All the sciences, including the social sciences, and technology includes information technology.

  • Design. Included design of public space and utilities, and technology from the user perspective (like user interface design, and product design that changes paradigms).

  • News and Other Media. Journalism as a practice, Cinema, TV, Newspapers, Magazines and Internet-based Media, Social Media, Public Relations, Interactive Media.

  • Intersections. Topics that straddle two or more tracks.

  • Fringe & Geekery. Fringe = not mainstream, doesn’t get much public attention; Geekery = deep knowledge of, obsession with, a subject. Another way to look at this track is that it lets us include sessions that do not fit into any one of the other tracks but that we think are interesting and/or important.

  • Showcase. Performances and/or exhibitions of creative work.

    We have also had a few themed Open House sessions (themed in the sense that we ask a question in advance and ask members to attend with their answers), a Goa Spotlight where we feature folks doing interesting things in and for Goa, and most recently, a BangaLore session, which focussed in the traditions and culture of thatcity. As we move towards more hybrid sessions, we also plan to do more events that are in-person only in cities where we have enough members willing to attend (and organise).

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